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      Have you have had an opportunity in life to talk with another person and afterwards, felt great?  Then, after the closure of the conversation experienced a clearer understanding of yourself, others around you, and/or, the larger world around you?  If so, you have experienced how powerful an authentic, interpersonal connection can be with a genuine, passionate, authentic, and caring person.  It is this type of connection our clients experience at ProActive Behavioral Services.

     In all my years of working as a Counselor & Psychologist in a wide variety of settings, I am of the belief, that counselors and therapists whom radiate authenticity, have a gift not easily created in graduate school.  Educational "Book knowledge" alone, will not make a great professional counselor, psychologist or psychiatrist.  The most effective Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, and Psychiatrist's.  The most effective behavioral health providers also possess variations of the following traits; passion, authenticity, creativity, artistry, and a sense of humor integrated into their formal academic training.  Without these aspects to their treatment model, little, if any progress can be accomplished.  Diploma's, degree's, certificates, and in essence, knowledge are only helpful providing the practitioner can personally connect with clients.  At ProActive Behavioral Services, we require this of our doctor's, psychologist's, and therapists upon hiring.  

    At ProActive Behavioral, it is our mission to have a significant impact on your life or your families life early on in our work together.  When people enter into our system of care, our office support staff are very familiar with our clinicians academically and "personality-wise" and work to establish a professional match for you or your loved ones.  This enables our practice to create an optimal environment for our clients to optimize self/other/life clarity, life direction, and evolve into who they desire to be.  We accomplish this through a variety of research based methodologies pulling from many areas of the behavioral health sciences.  While receiving services through our private clinical practice of 25 practitioners, you have accessibility to a wide variety of specialties and disciplines including Counselor's, Certified Addiction's Counselor's, Licensed Clinical Social Worker's, Hypnotherapist's, Psychologist's,  Neuro- Psychologist's, and Psychiatrist's. We provide all of this for our client's and maintain a warm, family atmosphere for persons receiving care through our practice.      

At ProActive Behavioral Services we place our clients well being foremost in our relationship with you.  Because we care, there may be clients who may be referred to another practitioner shortly after their therapies begin if, it is determined, that another health care provider would be a better "goodness of fit."  This allows prospective clients and/or their loved ones to receive the best care possible at ProActive Behavioral Services.       - Dr. Todd Lendvay, Psy.D

         At Proactive Behavioral Services, we strive to affiliate ourselves with caring professionals who have the required quality education, extensive clinical training experiences and the innate "gift" enabling our clients to move quickly into a positive growth direction(s).  If you or a loved one has tried counseling in the past and found it marginally helpful, perhaps it is time to contact our seasoned, professional team at Proactive Behavioral Service.  If you are seeking a professional counselor to assist you with making lasting changes in your life or the life of persons close to you, perhaps it's time to make the call you often thought of making.  We are a large multidisciplinary team of professionals who help our clients understand themselves at deeper levels and the reasons why clients, think, act, and feel the way's they do from a biologically based model, psychological model, and societal, archetypal, and spiritual model. 

        Proactive Behavioral Services provides comprehensive psychiatric, psychological, and mental health counseling for children, teens, adults, couples and families.  We also provide Wellness Coaching, Hypnosis, Christian Counseling, Play Therapy, Men's Issues, Women's Issues, and Addictions/Substance Abuse counseling services. If you or someone close to you has a life challenge that needs professional services, please reach out to us for quality help in communities surrounding Algonquin, IL and Inverness, IL.  Our office locations conveniently serve the following counties: McHenry County, Cook County, Lake County, and Kane County.

Perhaps it's time to make the call you often thought of making...

If counseling has not been as effective as you desired, perhaps it's time to contact our team of caring, experienced, professionals.

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There are times when our life, or the lives of our loved ones, are no longer as enjoyable as planned. Sadness, arguments, addictions, and avoidance often occur when we experience ourselves going in a direction we don't like. During these challenges, the core of disagreements may simply be a different viewpoint on how a person should think and behave. Often times, it may be due to unmet emotional needs and/or feelings of insignificance.

When life's challenges become too frequent, despite efforts to change, it’s time to involve our qualified professionals. When yours or a loved one's patterns of thinking and behaving no longer progress you toward your goals, it may be time to make the call you frequently thought of making. Contact us in Algonquin, Illinois  or Inverness, Illinois for an appointment today.