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Lara Martin

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Lara has experience working with high school students from many perspectives: as a counselor, teacher, coach, mentor and college and career counselor. Her dynamic approach to individualized planning and support includes traditional structured individual and family meetings as well as communication methods convenient for students, such as Facebook, text reminders or Skype sessions. Lara recognizes the anxiety and stress associated with the college and career planning process, and as a mother of three children with diverse career interests from the fine arts, engineering, accounting, political science, pre-med and pre-law to education, etc., she also recognizes the priceless reward that comes from seeing your son or daughter find the college and career that is just right for them. As a therapist, Lara utilizes an eclectic, mindfulness-based approach designed to work with the client to identify the source of their difficulty whether it be peer relations, academics, job, marital issues or life event stress. She collaborates with her client to develop solutions and coping mechanisms designed to solve problems and assist them in creating a better quality of life. Lara has worked with children, teens, adults, couples and families privately, in schools and in an inpatient setting. She specializes in working with clients to address the anxiety and depression that often fast paced, modern lifestyle.


1644 Colonial Parkway

Inverness, IL 60067

Phone: 847-776-4500

Fax: 847-776-4724

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