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Which Wolf Will Win? Increase your power over your inner critic!

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

When I work with adolescents who struggle with self- confidence, I will tell them the story of the wise Indian Chief who sat down one day to teach his Grandson how to be a Strong Confident Warrior. The Indian Chief proceeded to tell him a story about how each of us has a good wolf and a bad wolf within us. He went on to explain how the good wolf helps us to rise up and meet our challenges while the bad wolf tries to beat us down and keeps us from reaching our true potential. The Grandson eventually asks his Grandfather “…but which one will win?” and the Grandfather answers “the one you feed.”

With my work:

With my work with both adolescents and adults I talk about how we treat ourselves the worst and would really never talk to a best friend the way we allow our own inner critic to talk to us! We all engage in listening too much to that inner critic and would greatly benefit from some self-compassion! There is a quote by Buddah that I love; “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete!” We can be so compassionate towards others but yet forget to send this compassion to ourselves.

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Recommended Resources

Kristen Neff, PhD, is knows as one of the world’s foremost experts on self-compassion and has a wonderful exercise on her website known as the Self-Compassion Break. You can find this exercise here: I hope you will take the time for yourself to learn about this exercise and begin to use it in your daily life.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Brigid Woods, LCPC, CWP Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. Certified Wellness Practitioner.


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