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Andres Acosta, LCPC

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Andrés has been a practicing bilingual licensed clinician for over 15 years. Andrés has a master’s degree in clinical Social Work, from Michigan State University.

Andrés has a rich history of working with multiple needs adolescents/adults and their families resulting from both psychiatric and/or acculturation issues. Andrés specializes in working with mood disorders, parenting issues, behavior disordered, substance abusing adolescents, couples counseling, Christian counseling and stress management.

Andrés has worked in and is extremely familiar with the full psychiatric continuum of care, i.e., long-term residential facilities to professional, clinical, consultation. Andrés currently works full-time in a public high school as a school social worker and also presents seminars to a variety of community groups, corporations, and schools on topics such as: managing stress, identifying purpose in our lives, corporate change, parenting, managing difficult people, suicide, bullying, integrating multiculturalism into the curriculum and a myriad of other relevant and timely topics.


215 North Main Street

Algonquin, IL 60102

Phone: 224-678-9033

Fax: 224-678-9493


1644 Colonial Parkway

Inverness, IL 60067

Phone: 847-776-4500

Fax: 847-776-4724

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