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Elle Haferkamp, LCPC & CATP

While navigating your life pathways in this gift called life, bumps and roadblocks  sometimes occur.  We all encounter challenges and setbacks as we travel down our unique roads of self discovery.  When on your road of self discovery, if challenges occur, call me, to help you to navigate them.  I’m a very energetic, positive and enthusiastic therapist/mentor to assist you with finding your ideal life path.  Living in today’s complicated society can be challenging.  Having a good therapist who enlightens and influences you in an insightful and productive way,  is a good asset to have as you work through such challenges. 


> Who am I?  My name is Elle.  I’ve obtained a license known as a “Licensed Professional Counselor”.  I’ve earned a Master's degree from

> Roosevelt University. Why do I share this information? I share this as theses achievements enable me to utilize a variety of proven professional methods to help clients better understand themselves and to acquire greater clarity in their life journeys.  My clinical training includes experiences working with children, adolescents, young adults, couples and families both clinically

> and in an academic settings. Professionally, I use a holistic and individualized approach.  My training provides me with a large tool chest of proven methods to create positive changes in your life.  These tools include the utilization of  psychoanalytic theories, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT),

> solution-based therapy, expressive art therapy, and Adlerian theory.  Specific areas of focus I’m skilled in include; anxiety disorders, eating disorders, oppositional

> defiant disorders, depression, mood disorders, family conflict, and

> trauma.  Our goals in working together often include helping you to  realize your true, individual

> self, both assets and areas of challenge, and to help you feel like you are not alone while you experience life

> challenging times. 

> When clients work with me, I look to provide a space that allows a person to be themselves

> without the pressures to compromise ones own callings.   I believe in creating a collaborative therapeutic rapport with clients who choose to work with me, and I strive passionately to help my clients realize they are more

> than their intrapersonal and interpersonal narrative. 


> If it’s time to acquire clarity in your life.....if it’s time to bring a smile and deep happiness back into your life.....perhaps it’s time to make the call you often think of making. Contact Elle today to begin your journey. 

> Sincerely: Elle haferkamp, lpc


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